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Hi, My Name is Cabel McElderry; I was a struggling personal trainer for a long time.

I loved working out and that love became a job.

I was excited to make a living helping others, teaching them about something I was truly passionate about.

Only to realize it wasn’t easy, in fact for a lot of years I struggled to make ends meet.
If it wasn’t hard enough to attract new potential clients and referrals I was crushed every time one of them said no.

I mean… Not only had I failed to help them, but in a lot of months those failures meant the constant fear of…
…not paying my rent

…my car payment

…my bills or a variety of other things.

Through pain staking trial and error I began to learn a few things.

Not the least of which was I didn’t like selling…at least not the traditional way.

I was sincere, I truly wanted to help people, I didn’t want to constantly convince people to buy something they weren’t sure they wanted.

I also didn’t want to live in constant stress about whether I could pay my rent on time or keep my car.
Catch a sneak peak of the core philosophy of my selling system in this video. When I was invited to speak at TEDx I realized the same method that was allowing me to "sell" my services had also changed my life, and was even helping my clients get better results.
Soon I began to realize selling was about relationships, it was about language, it was about helping people identify why something was important enough to them to act on.

And to eliminate that feeling of remorse that comes after so they could begin to see the results themselves and want to keep going!

I had it all wrong, my job wasn’t to convince them, it was to help them get out of their own way.

So how do you do that?
Well...I Learned Some Really Important Things
  • Why you need to understand body language and what non-verbal communication teaches you when you interact with someone. 
  •  I learned the value of standing and moving during a client meeting. 
  •  I learned the value of asking questions, affirmations and truly listening.
  •  I learned what the most common objections were and how to overcome them in conversation even before I presented pricing. 
  •  I learned the value of offering a guarantee, and more 
But most importantly I learned I could close 8-9 out of every 10 prospects and fewer expressed concerns about the cost, in fact many were opting for even more expensive packages!
My business was finally growing…
Which lead me from being a solo trainer to hiring other trainers and opening my own private training facility One-to-1 Fitness in May of 2007.

In our first month we sold more than $23,000 in training services, but that was just the beginning.
In our first full year of business we sold over a million dollars in personal training programs!
With 14 trainers on staff we had gotten busy (so much so that we expanded two times in our first two years of business.)  

But I had a new problem… I had to teach someone else to sell the way I was and see if I could make this work for them.
Well Let Me Make a Long Story Short...
  • My first business (One-to-1 Fitness that I sold in early 2016) is still going strong, now 10 years running, using my same selling method.
  •  I’ve since opened 3 new boot camp facilities (2 that I haven’t been to since opening day) that sell an average of 7-9 new memberships every single business day.
  •  And since 2010 I’ve partnered with industry guru Bedros Keuilian and coached hundreds of fitness entrepreneurs worldwide through our prestigious 7-Figure Mastermind (many who insisted they hated selling) to shift their entire mindset when it comes to sales in their business; often with a result of adding $5000-10,000 of monthly reoccurring revenue in just weeks to a few months.
And That's Why I Created the Profitable Personal Trainer Sales System
(And if you use Bedros' Hugely Popular 'Close Clients' System your going to find this to be a great compliment.)
But I’m not going to just teach you how to sell more training services.
  • You'll Learn: How to overcome every objection, with special focus on the most common: time, money and spouse.
  • You'll Learn: The exact method of sales tracking that I created that is now used by hundreds of trainers worldwide.
  • You'll Learn: Exactly how to leverage your sales report to determine if you need to focus on attracting more leads or internal operations.
  • You'll Learn: How to plan out a whole years worth of marketing in advance and how to know exactly how many new leads and prospects you need to reach your financial goals.
  • You'll Learn: How to use sales to outpace attrition and why you have to focus on sales first before retention.
What do My Clients Have to Say About My Systems?

We Closed Out Our First Year Of Business Just Shy Of $300k Gross Revenue…

I’ve added 94 members on full agreement in the last 3.5 months. And we closed out our first year just shy of $300,000 gross revenue. 

In the last 4 months my monthly billing has grown by more than 35% and is now over $33,000/month.

I’ve stepped up my selling game and been more confident now that I have a team in place  to allow me to focus.

What’s the world domination plan from here?

Keep serving, keep growing, keep learning, keep hustling and keep grinding.

Renee Goldstein, M.Ed. –

My Business Has More Than Doubled In Income In The Last 5 Months!

My business has more than doubled in income in the last 5 months, and it’s only getting better! 

I am excited to continue to grow and having Cabel’s experience, resources and passion on my side is what keeps me moving forward and not drowning in the daily tasks of running a business. Thanks Cabel for your passion for my business and personal growth as a successful business woman!

Charmaine Ironside –

My Monthly Billing Has Gone Up By More Than 40%!

I’ve added nearly 100 new members. I’ve hired an admin, accountability coach and now my daughter has come on board to help launch location #2! 

 I was just shy of $500,000 in revenue last year and now know for a fact I will break 7 Figures with my business!

Michelle Bauer – Nex Level Fitness

I Went From A Monthly Auto Pay Income Of $247 To Over $5000 In Just 2 Months!!

I have a small business run by me only (which is changing as I speak) it has changed a total 180, from where I was in just four months ago.

1. I went from a monthly auto pay income of $247 to over $5000 in just 2 months!! That in itself blows my mind.
2. I increased my prices over 15%.
3. My retention rate is up over 90% after following Cabel's advice.
4. My client Conversion rate is over 90% (Out of the last 20 promotion prospects I closed 16, and 2 of the 4 that I didn’t were because of work related injuries)
5. I have finally learned how to and have sold over five, 1 Year long paid-in-full programs!! Seriously?? I never thought I could do that before. 

If I could list all of the things that have changed and that I have learned from this program I would go on all day, so for now I will just send you these major progress steps. Looking back this was the best $$$ that I have ever spent.

Joel Danford –
How Does The Course Break Down?
Module 1: Elements of a Sales System
In this module you learn key concepts such as: The new language of sales and the selling equation of the 21st century, you'll learn the importance of a guarantee and how to create standardized pricing tools and sales aides.

Module 2:
Movement Selling
I really believe in the power of movement during a selling situation. You'll learn my views on understanding people's body language, keys to rapport building, and how I get people feeling comfortable while overcoming objections before they happen.
Module 3:
Alternative and Advanced Tools
In this module you learn my key concept of "standardized conversion" for a top notch customer experience as well as the language for dealing with daily deals and tips for setting up your first successful group close.
Module 4:
Dealing With Objections
Too many trainers try to overcome objections with more features and benefits, you're missing the point the prospect doesn't care. Let me teach you what they're really thinking and how to overcome all the most common objections.
Bonus #1 - Done-For-You Sales Agreement, Par-Q, and How-to Create an Annual Marketing Calendar ($100 Value)
I give you an editable sales agreement and Par-Q/Waiver to get you selling today and teach you how to plan and schedule your prospecting campaigns to always make sure your selling schedule is full!
Bonus #2 - Sales Training With Samantha Taylor 
($300 Value)
There's nothing more famous when it comes to SamanthaTaylor then the 'Bucket O' Tears' story.

Learn from the best as Samantha will teach you the language and give you the confidence to get deeper with your clients, to really get to those deep rooted emotional road blocks that have prevented them from committing...until now. You won't want to miss out on this.
Bonus #3 - The Best Staffing Plan for Your Fitness Business
(Seriously Priceless)
I'll share with you my exact position descriptions for each of the key roles in my organization (There's only 4.) I share key duties, discuss compensation, and teach you how to measure and manage them in a way that leads to peak performance, high job satisfaction, and team victory! (I have 3 active businesses in different cities that I never visit, in fact my location that opened in 2014 I've only been to 12 times!)
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